Friday, 26 July 2013

Road Trip Mini Album

I had a lot of fun with the envelope mini workshop with Ashley Canon Newell. Her little mini is a neat and fun way to keep together items to create a memoir of an event. I did alter it just a little as I put it together although the basic structure is the same. I did 6 pages, sealing the envelope flaps shut and using one side of the envelope with a tiny slice removed to create the pocket to give it a little more strength.

The Front Cover

I used it to collate photographs and items gathered during a recent trip from Sydney to my home in Hobart.
I tried to use as much of my limited suite of Papertrey Ink supplies (I do need more ink!). I used:
Melon Berry papers
One of Melissa Phillips cute little felt bow embellishment ideas
Edgers #4 dies, which make a great photo tab edge as the central scallop creates the pull tab
Card Base-ics # 2 die as my envelope cover as the size was just perfect.