Saturday, 14 September 2013

Birthday Cards

I was very chuffed recently when my daughter in law emailed me to ask if I would make her a couple of cards for her Gran, who is celebrating a significant birthday soon. How nice to be asked!
However, she was not giving me any help at all, just said Gran liked roses and that she was happy to leave it with me. :(
I found it a bit difficult to get going but I have made four so far with a couple more in mind. (I really want to make one with the BIG numerals on it but maybe I'd better think about that, some folk don't like to have the actual number up front and obvious).
I will need to stop prevaricating and just get finished as I have to post them to her soon if she is to have them in time.

 This first one is definitely rosy, the colour has altered somewhat in the photograph (surprise, surprise!), its a soft pretty pink in reality... (trust me).

This next one is a pretty blue and silver number, this being my DIL's favourite combination.
I followed the design of my previous gold embossed card when making this one, adding some annabelle stamps cornflower blue sprinkles and I used a stylish flowing font sentiment stamp from Waltzing Mouse.

This next one I don't like at all, way too fussy. My daughter however, said I should include it as it is bright and colourful and she likes in it goes.

This is the final one I am sending. It's a larger size than I usually make, 18cm x 13cm, but I like the feel of it. In looking at these cards I realise that I have actually managed to put sprinkles on each of them. Yay! I love sprinkles. They also each have a heart of some sort on the back of the cards, these all being prospective missives to a much loved Gran.

 This last one is for a keen (but now retired) motorcyclist who is getting a tool workbench for her birthday present tomorrow, (thus the sentiment). As she doesn't like "fussy" cards, I kept this one fairly simple...
Well, once again, I'm procrastinating...fiddling with a blog post when I have a mountain of work to get through by Monday morning...(What happened? I thought I was retired!).
Anyhow, have a lovely weekend! Bye now,

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