Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Busy Times...

Things have been a tad busy here of late so I thought I'd better slip in a post while I can.
Not much has been happening on the card-making front although I have two or three to share.

I have been receiving some lovely parcels of stamps and dies from far flung places over the past few days and I now have an eClips machine! It was Father's Day last Sunday and TT has been known in the past to purchase "useful to him" presents around some of my celebrations, so the eClips is payback time +++
It is amazing! I now have little bitty scraps of paper all over the house...borders of crabs...inlay skeletons...HUGE numerals...I have visitors calling in just to "have a little play"...and even better I am using up all those cheap and uninspiring 12x12 light cardstock pages that seem to accumulate in the paper storage area (because there is nothing you would ever use them for apart from recycled paper or papier mache!)...we have all had lots of fun with it, and the machine is very straightforward to use...I'm thrilled with it! :) So much potential...

On to this post's cards...
This is an engagement card for two dear family members who have recently plighted their whatsit's...I was pleased with the colouring and the superfluity of hearts (which are entirely appropriate for the recipients), but the colouring isn't showing as well as it might due to my photography skills ):

Here is a bright and cheerful card for a bright and cheerful friend who is about to celebrate her birthday...I just hope that the fruit leather stall at Salamanca Market is open for business on Saturday...I need to include as much of these delectable treats in this particular parcel as I can afford and the parcel needs to land on a Sydney doorstep by Tuesday treat time - Oh stress, I really really should have gone to last weeks market!

This card is just a simple negative die cut for a friend recovering from surgery, but I was very pleased with the outcome. I used some (shhhh...sparkle embossing) on the bee. I don't go there very often with glitter, but this one turned out quite nicely, and being embossed it can't go all over the hall carpet when opened.

 I used the positive die cut to finish off the envelope for this card. The label I was very chuffed with...I have never been successful with inking up a die cut label before, they always slip out of the die and get grungy. This one stuck like a charm though and I was able to get a nice graduated ink cover just where I wanted it. I do like it when things work out nicely without a fuss...

This last card is also quite simple, just stamping and a little twine...for a dear brother and sister in law who are going through it at the moment and need all the support we can give can be difficult to know what to do to help while anxious not to be too intrusive. I guess in the end one just does the best one can, as so often in life...

Well that's about it from here in beautifully and very unseasonably sunny Hobart, although I think our cat, Pig, may be starting to dement, just a little. He is certainly behaving very oddly of late...but more of that later.
Bye for now,


  1. Hi Dido! You HAVE been busy! My favourite is the last one-so pretty and what a lovely stamp- perfectly finished off with the simple twine embellishment. No wonder your cat is "dementing" when you give it a name like "Pig" Ha Ha!

    1. Thanks for visiting...his real name is Jasper, but he was always such a greedy when young that the less salubrious name stuck fast!D

  2. Love the engagement card DiDo and the description, plighted their whatsit's LOL.
    Beautiful cards as always.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Karina, and for your kind comments. D