Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gold and Black Embossing

I made a card for my great niece who is celebrating her 18th birthday this weekend, using a card by Kristina Werner (link here) as my inspiration. I have followed Ms Werner's design very closely as I wanted a sophisticated but feminine card and I very much liked her example. I felt that I really couldn't improve on it for this particular occasion. The gold embossing is fabulously glam, and just what a golden girl would expect for such an auspicious occasion, or I hope so anyway.

I just love this WPlus9 Chantilly Trim stamp, it is so detailed and turns out every time just as you would wish, whatever medium you use. The other variously sized border stamps in the set are all very usable as well, a real plus!

I made this next little number for my eldest son's partner who has recently gone bravely forth and achieved her driving licence despite lots of challenges, so I wanted a fun little card to send to her acknowledging her success.
I was very pleased with the black embossing on the banner. I used a ebony embossing powder from Annabelle Stamps (link here). It is so glossy and black and it doesn't have the dimpled appearance of my previous black embossing efforts.

That's about it from me, I didn't intend to add to the blog again this weekend, but this is election night here in Australia so I thought I would seek some light relief downstairs and post these couple of cards.
Bye for now, hope your weekend is going well,


  1. Both great card but your lace car is a beauty and sure to be appreciated!

  2. Your lace card is very lovely and perfectly elegant for an 18th! I have been seeing some great Wplus9 stamps around lately and this one is gorgeous too! But your car one is great too! Lovely work!