Saturday, 28 September 2013

Insider Online Card Classes

Well, I booked myself in to see what the online card classes were like. I attended the 3-day "Insider" card class. It was very well organised and I learnt lots of ideas and technique improvements; I have endless access to the videos as well as very organised pdf. downloads. Isn't internet learning accommodation or travel costs, no paper used, wonderful.
The class was without exception very worthwhile...and very reasonably priced at only twelve dollars.

I have several cards in process of completion from the classes, but I am now running out of time to get them posted. Unfortunately I have been a bit busy with other things during the workshop timeframe...As I only have one completed so far, (and it sure isn't the card I'd prefer to post!) I thought I'd better get it on there...
This is a card for my son's birthday, rapidly approaching. It fits the session for envelope cards, day three, (just).

I used a Technique Tuesday stamp called Irony, which I love for it's range of uses. Played with Perfect Pearls with this one to give it a masculine, metallic look...

The inside is very plain, just the little envelope holder and the small envelope with some more Irony stamping, this time black embossed to make it pop on the muted patterned paper envelope.

That's it, I will gradually post the others as I complete them, no rush now...


Well I got this one finished as well, it's a bit heat sealed around the edges as I need to get back upstairs very it is...

I used the HA stamp Tree of Blooms, and I'm pleased with this one, except I wish I hadn't stamped the birthday greeting under the heart, or that I had used the black ink. It would look better without...

Well, I couldn't live with it...came back downstairs to the dungeon and redid the card... much happier with this one...I know I shouldn't fiddle once the card is done, but one does...

Much cleaner, any additional sentiment can be included in the handwritten component!
This was the first time I had tried masking off part of the stamp...this one is from Annabelle stamps and reads "You paint..." I was very surprised that it was so easy to do, even for a clumsy mess-pot like me! I have always avoided it because I didn't think I would be able to avoid getting ink all over...worked like a dream. I will get much better mileage out of my stamps now.
This next card is the Day One card in a card - mini card pop-up from Jennifer.
I really like this process. I have tried the other versions she demonstrated previously but they don't really appeal to me...this one, with the little folded blocks supporting the inside message really did.
I am now altering the prototype, as I want to retain the 2.5 cm sides in order to provide good adherence to the card and insert, but I'm making the "side" panels of the little blocks just 1 cm long...they  will still pop, but not as far. This will also reduce some of the bulk from the device.

The inside of the card, with the insert...

I am about half-way through the tall, 3-paneled card by's great fun to do. I have also started a couple more envelope cards, and want to try both Shari's examples. I have a wedding next weekend, I'm thinking of ways to adapt her "You Make Me Happy Card" for this event...just need to get the sentiment right and all else will fall into place... is the wedding card for my niece, from Shari's card on day 2. It's a bit quirky, but that how we are here in Tasmania...;)

This one follows Shari's card fairly closely, as the clouds, sun etc. all fitted well with the theme.
It would be a fun one to make for a child also, with the potential for little personal surprises behind each flip page...
The tiny knot on the bottom of the clear page is some more of my mothers twine, her grandmother, so fills the "something old" criteria...(and I do hope that's NOT why I was invited), and the sentiment here relates to their invitation, which indicated that they were "Tying the Knot". I used the tiny metal page turners from T Holtz, and I couldn't resist adding the tiny scissors...

I wanted to put a little wooden aeroplane into this page, along with the jet cloud, but I need to locate one first...I only have hearts and animals. Will visit the craft store tomorrow, and keep my fingies crossed that they have some, or even a couple of tiny bikes would be ok as they both ride...

The tartan hills acknowledges her father's Scots heritage...
The interior or the card is very plain, just a tiny envelope (for a donation towards their planned lengthy overseas trip), and a hearty little tension strip to hold the envelope in place.

It fits comfortably inside the A2 envelope I made in coordinating cardstock, despite the bulk of the layers and the embellishments as I will be handing it over. If posting it would need a bulky envelope, or post office box.
A fun card to make and one I'd repeat.
Now I just need to come up with something spiffy and exciting for my dear daughter's birthday, which follows closely on the heels of her brother's birthday at the end of this week. It's a busy time here...
10/10/13 final addition to this post... my card for my daughter's birthday tomorrow. It is a very bright and cheerful 7x5 inch card...I couldn't resist this Graphic 45 paper, (I think it might be from the Mother Goose range, (I have discarded the trimmings and cannot check, sorry!).
I fussy-cut several of the flowers from the scraps and adhered them in place on the card, adding some stickles to the centre and stressing up the petals slightly for added dimension.
I added some MME enamel dots of several of the other flowers, where I had the appropriate colours and sizes. I die cut the SSS "happy" from 3 different colours of cardstock, and gold embossed the PTI Birthday! stamp onto black cardstock, which I cut in a small banner shape. The small banner at the bottom utilises the SSS Tilted Banner stamp and die set.
Sticking to the principles of the Insider workshop I repeated the design theme on the interior of the card, utilising what was left of the printed paper and highlighting the edges with some plain red cardstock. I added fussy cut flowers and enamel dots here also, but left these flowers flat to reduce the bulkiness of the card.
I made the "card in a card pop-up" from workshop day one again, as I wanted to streamline the little internal construction to be less bulky and have less height. I am pleased with the works very well.
I used a SU Framelits Label Collection die to cut the label shape from a remnant of the card base, and as my printer does not choose to acknowledge cardstock weight paper, I printed the sentiment onto vellum, cut it out with the same die and adhered it to the label.
In retrospect I should have made this component larger than it is, but it works OK...
This photograph shows the internal boxy construction which allows the sentiment to fold neatly within the card when closed, and pop when it is opened 

I just hope my daughter doesn't have a squiz at the blog tonight...she will have no surprises left for tomorrow at all if she does!

BTW...the wedding on Sunday was absolutely beautiful and the weather gods were very kind indeed. The wedding was held in St Davids Park and it might have been very nasty indeed, the weather we have had over the past week or two!

Very sad news on my eclips progress...the machine has stopped cutting! mid project! out of the blue! just like that! (snaps fingies).

Just when I have practiced and watched videos and feel confident that I now understand the technology sufficiently to let loose...have searched the internet and purchased several fun little projects to construct using the machine to cut the just stops cutting! Wowsers! However, I have spent a few hours going though everything calmly and sequentially and I now suspect...or hope madly to be truthful...that it is just that the cutting mat has lost all it's stick and is too bumpy and destroyed to allow the machine to proceed...that's my present theory anyway...I have new mats ordered and I refuse to panic until absolutely necessary. I find that's one of the advantages of increasing age, I have less energy to waste on unnecessary conniptions! :)
More news once the parcel arrives from the mainland...needless to say, I have all my fingies crossed.


  1. Beautiful card! All the elements work together so well.

  2. Gorgeous card - I love the colours against the black - it looks amazing! I have only watched about 5 videos of class so far.....some days do not have enough hours and I am yet to see this technique but it looks great:) Hugs xx

  3. What cool cards! I love the play on spotlight stamping in the second, but that first one took my breath away, just stunning, love that gold!

  4. They are fabulous! And thanks for stopping by my blog to say HELLO!