Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thinking of You #2 + MOO Cards

I rejigged the card a little that I made on the previous post and am better pleased with the outcome. It's more serene, plus, having done the card once, you learn how to do it much better next time!
I kept the front very plain...

The inside of the front this time is in red brick...

The inside of the card has leaves, flowers, bird and a sentiment all embossed. The clear space where I will write my message is patterned, but will still allow the message to be visible, I checked on a scrap!

I have purchased a few stamps from 100proofpress lately.(Link here). They have a contest regarding MOO cards, tiny cards 1 &1/8 X 2&3/4 inches. I thought I'd have a try at making these, as they sounded intriguing. After I started I realised they needed to be loaded into Facebook, so decided I'd just pop them in here instead. These are too plain anyway, need to come to grips with the concept properly first. They have some really sweet stamps.

Here are the two tiny ones with the same child image on a slightly larger card. I think this one would be good used on some tags for Christmas, that's my next little project.

Here it is on it's own...

Better trot, blogging when I should be working...not good!
Bye now,


  1. Beautiful window card!!! And the tiny cards are so lovely and sweet especially the little girl with the star. :-)