Sunday, 10 November 2013

The eclips Saga

Finally, the eclips tale of woe is over! Sizzix simply replaced the poor dead original machine as it's laser had failed. (Thank you Sizzix), and now, after weeks of stress, wasted paper and waiting, I have a machine that cuts what I want, when I want, and does it absolutely beautifully! (Well, almost always!). Mind you, I still have a great deal of learning to do, about the different functionalities etc. but that will happen.
My daughter visited yesterday and we spent an hour before dinner cutting out this cute little caravan, a design from SVG Cuts. I hadn't used different colours and scraps of paper on the one cutting sheet before, so we used the time well, learning as we went.

The side view
The van is meant to sit proudly on the top of a neat gift box, but Sarah found the thought of it on it's own, with a battery tea light inside irresistible, and she got it all made in about an hour post prandial!
Isn't it sweet!

The front view, with curtains!

The back view, with bunting, flamingo and tail lights.

All cozied up for the night!

The lads were a bit sceptical and wanting to know where was the tow bar, honestly, no romance at all, them. But Sarah was very happy with how it turned out.

I am now busy learning how to weld letters together, I have a very important seventh birthday looming large and would like to make something spiffy for the this space!

Bye now,

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